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Top 3 Summer Shoe Wish List

Much as we love our designer wellies, Chelsea boots and snazzy leather riding boots, there does come a time when we start to fancy a bit more freedom for our feet and now that summer is practically here, it is the perfect time to invest in some seriously gorgeous shoes. One of the great thing about summertime shoes is that they don’t *always* have to be the most practical and you can get away with choosing style first. If you feel like splurging on a new pair of shoes for this season, then check out these lovely shoes for some inspiration.

3. Ted Baker Floral Court Shoes. £ 130

Ted Baker’s floral motifs are delicate pastel explosions of beauty, so it’s hardly surprising that these dainty court shoes with their quirky bow detail make this list. Available in a range of colours, we particularly love this soft dove-grey with an Oriental cherry blossom motif which is eye-catching whilst still being subtle enough to go with the majority of your wardrobe! Made from satin and with a 100mm heel, sashay into any function this summer with confidence, knowing that your feet look great.

2. Converse Ballet Lace Canvas Shoes. £44.99

Unfortunately there will be some days when you simply will not be able to get away with wearing a pair of to-for-heels, and for those days a pair of simple summer pumps are ideal since they’ll great with pretty much anything and you’re feet will thank you at the end of the day! We all know and love the laidback Converse brand, so why not treat your feet to a pair of their cute ballet lace canvas shoes this summer? The lower front will help to make your legs look longer, especially when you’re wearing a skirt or shorts, and the simple pull-on style is hassle-free and comfy. They’re available in a few colours, but we particularly love this decadent gold shade that will catch the sun and really look more fashionable than a grubby pair of white pumps from the supermarket! If gold isn’t your thing, then we also recommend the silver and porpoise aqua shades.

1. Office Leather Sandals. £68

For our number one choice of shoe for this summer, we of course had to go for a gorgeous pair of summer sandals that you won’t want to put away when autumn comes! This lovely pair of heeled sandals in a nude shade is just the right height with their block heel to be perfect for day and night depending with what you wear with them. The block heel and chunky buckles are seriously in fashion right now so you can be sure that even though they are really practical, they are really trendy too. They come from one of our favourite high street shoe stores Office, where you can incidentally also find Converse shoes. To help you to save money and to enjoy a bargain, check out an Office discount code when you’re shopping for new summer shoes online.

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